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Mylon Automotive Design, M.A.D, originated on 1st of July 2008, by Bernard Mylon who was formally the owner/director of Mylon Motorways, bus and coach operator in Wodonga, Victoria.
Bernard Mylon became involved in the operations of Mylon Motorways with his father in early 1970's, preceding the sale of Mylon Motorways, the company had been operating for over 100 years. Prior to this Bernard started a Motor Mechanic apprenticeship at Blacklocks Wodonga in 1965, where he became apprentice of the year 1966. While working as a motor mechanic he raced as a rally driver with the Albury and District Car Club. He then took an opportunity to move to London to work as a race mechanic on a GT40. This decision to move to London opened up many more doors as Bernie then worked in various locations within Europe.

Bernard has continuously been a car enthusiast, the classic car styling being his forte. He influenced his son and daughter to undertake Go-Karts at a young age, where his son moved onto Formula Fords.
Bernard is now using his past experiences to introduce kit cars to the public, personally designed by M.A.D and imported from England, he feels are dynamic, functional, modernly stylized and equipped as well as more importantly being a desirable drive.

The team at M.A.D have many successful, diverse years of experience in the motor and motor sport industries which they have incorporated into M.A.D. The team prides themselves in ensuring the high level of service and efficiency, as well as high level quality of custom kit cars and components/parts available through M.A.D.



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