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Based on the Clubman concept with modern features and technology, M.A.D has designed a custom kit car, ONE, that offers its own diversity for the road or track.

Delivering a composite chassis, built from DuFlex and steel tubing, which gives an extremely high strength to weight ratio.All components including suspension geometry are computer simulated to ensure the highest quality prior to manufacture. This is done by using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)and geometry software, such as Susprog.

Depending on your aspirations M.A.D can supply all parts required to fully complete the assembly of your kit. There are three different types of kits provided by M.A.D;
          1. Complete Kit including Engine & Gearbox
          2. Complete Kit excluding Engine & Gearbox
          3. Chassis & Body only

As a kit this car can be built to suite you directly. You have full control of the build, the engine size, the components used, the interior chosen, the wheels and the colour, all in accordance with the Australian Design Rules (ADR's) and Individually Constructed Vehicles (ICV) regulations.

For more information please contact us.

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